I  A͛ M

|| V I S H W  I T R A ||



This is my Blog {audio-visual journal} where I share my {Breath – Sound – Music} being with you.





I am a musician as music occupies my limitless being. My music is whatever that is I happen to resonate with at that moment, even if I like it or I love it, it is just what it is, it is just as it is supposed to be and it is for you. Although Music is a very small part of sound vibrations yet I am in love with it, I perceive it to be eternal & limitless. I play, share my vibrations (heartfelt sonics) as live sessions & scenes. I work on solo & collective music projects rendering organic – ritualistic – shamanic frequencies, transmitting tribal-tonic, omni-tonic vibes through live looping and layering of sounds.

Link to project: ΣI̐Σ


A U̐ M̮ N I F͛ I C

I am a fulltime volunteer at aumnific.org. The aim of the organisation is to encourage and empower individuals with the grace of { breath. sound. music } vibrations | ~ to turn inwards  ~ to access and align with the inner self ~ to tune into the higher self  ~ to merge with universal selfless self | I conduct actions to realize ‘breath-sound-music’ awareness. I volunteer energy sessions, guidance to harmonise self observation – centering – relaxation – healing.



Life is ‘Audiovisual Art in Action’ for a surrendered being. Through this project I practice witnessing all that is manifested as projection of self at that very moment. Audiovisual media has limitless possibility just as life has. I explore the life of ‘Sound & Light’ as a self initiated experimental solo and/or collective audio-visual project and live acts.
{‘Audio-Visual experiences’ being the closest to the everyday existential life}



As a humble servant to music & practitioner, I look into ancient, indigenous, native musical traditions, scriptures, rituals, sounds, instruments & practices to ‘experience’ the invisible presence of magical mystical music. Through this project, I imagine to create playlists or I wish to present a recommendation of all such divine musicians, artists and their expression from across the globe, those empowered my musical being, core part of my being.




I practice the art of sound/silence & that of light/shadows.

‘Sound’ is my verve, to express and engage onto my being through the grace of music, writings, art and illustration, where I wish for it to be for unfolding the true nature of self & for cosmic well being.

“I invoke ‘The Supreme Sound’ – that soundless sound which resides in our own universal consciousness. 

I am that, which you believe me to be,  for you.
I am that, which I believe to be myself,  for me!
The truth is… I am None of the above”.


|| vishwamitra ||


I am Vishwamitra ~ Friend of the Universe
I am Hari Hara Dasa ~ A zealot for cosmic intentions,
A Dasa {disciple} of Hari {The Active Form of Creation} & Hara {The Creative Infinity}
 ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥