Less Life

Less Life
Something to eat,
Someone to meet,
Is not what I call as life
Mouth to speak,
And flesh on the bones,
Is that all to be alive!
Rusted sword,
Speechless mind
Is not the way I go
All things planned,
Thinking too much,
This makes our life so slow
What I do, what I knew,
Is not where I belong
Some destiny defines,
And rest is the crap I try
“What you see is not the sky
You need to feel this sky
To feel the sky one needs to fly
This fact you don’t deny”
Fate, I hate
System, I doubt
People I trust are few
It takes some time to realize
Your life is up to you
“I saw bird in need,
I tried to feed,
But she saw me and she flew”

It’s wonderful to know
This world is hating you
|| vishwamitra ||
KTFS – Killing time filling space