Music is an effective medium to awaken humanity to its core virtue & value. The project intends to bind the musicians/ music lovers/ community of all the beings who have recognized the true nature of Music beyond just entertainment.

The project believe in Actions those support spirit of Music, Musician, Music Listener by sharing real Music, Musical mysteries, Music that takes you inwards, Music that makes you think about inside and outside world we live in. To spread awareness about the journey of the Musicians whose Musical Expression helped many to awaken, orient inline with the cosmic intentions. Music that saved the world from human baloney. Music that matters. Music that mattered! 

 The project also intends to influence how music is treated at a very socio-cultural urban scenarios. The output of the project is compilation of music worth sharing through creating online playlists, introducing musical genius from past-present-future, integrating music with the core part of everyday life scenarios, and to appreciate such musical efforts and to refresh musical awareness of contemporary human life.


♥ ᒶᓏᕓᕦ  ♫  ᗰᘢᔚᓮᓧ


As a humble servant to music & practitioner, I look into ancient, indigenous, native musical traditions, scriptures, rituals, sounds, instruments & practices to ‘experience’ the invisible presence of magical mystical music. Through this project, I imagine to create playlists or I wish to present a recommendation of all such divine musicians, artists and their expression from across the globe, those empowered my musical being, core part of my being.


ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥